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Sick and tired of paying an arm and a leg so you can print a few pages? Your solution is here.

InkSpot @ NesTech service refills your empty ink cartridges with the same amount and quality of Ink used by the original manufacturers. This service is fast, convenient and guaranteed.

You can bring in ink cartridges and wait 5-15 minutes for them to be filled or simply drop them off and pick them at a later time that is convenient for you.

Typical savings are approximately 50% the cost of replacing your empties with brand new ones. Average refilled sets save you around $12.00-$15.00 with the savings being even greater with more expensive cartridges.

We fill a wide range of ink cartridges from printers, scanners, fax and copiers. We refill Black and White Cartridges as well as Color Cartridges.

We refill HP, Dell, Epson, Canon Lexmark and Brother Cartridges. New cartridges are being added all the time so feel free to call to check on availability and pricing.